After 28 years of research, Rae Ellen has finally analyzed her findings and completed her affectionate and humorous booklet, A FIELD GUIDE TO GEEZERS — An Illustrated Look at a Curious Branch of Hominids.

Brilliant and Talented cartoonist, John Alley, has illustrated her findings with flair, depicting contemporary geezers in action in order to help you identify the various members of this charming species.

You will learn to recognize a geezer up to a mile away, including Western Riverside and Lakeshore Geezers, Farmer and Cowboy Geezers, Metro Geezers, North Woods Geezers of the Upper Midwest, Boating Geezers, White-Rumped Geezers, Gearhead and Techno Geezers, and lest we forget — Geezer Girls. Field Notes provide scientific names and describe their unique behaviors and habits, where you’re likely to sight them, and the noises they make in the morning.

Read authentic geezer stories, discover year-round viewing techniques, and learn to live-trap one for your very own. Learn “The Rules.”

For the latest geezer adventures, check out the geezer guide blog.

Now Available: Geezer Note Cards

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