Jellyfish Stew – poem

In looking around online, lo and behold I discover there’s a poem called Jellyfish Stew. And here I thought it was a new term, invented by friend, Radha, when she found herself swimming at a bay on the island of St. John — She said, “There were so many jelly fish, it was like swimming in a jellyfish stew!”
I found this information about the author of this poem: In 2006, the Poetry Foundation named Prelutsky the inaugural winner of the Children’s Poet Laureate award.  He appeared on the popular animated television series Arthur, in the episode “I’m a Poet.” His book Behold the Bold Umbrellaphant and Other Poems (illustrated by Carin Berger) won the 2007 Scandiuzzi Children’s Book Award of the Washington State Book Awards in the Picture Book category. Jack Prelutsky lives in Seattle.

Jellyfish stew/I’m loony for you/I dearly adore you/you’re creepy to see

revolting to chew/you slide down inside with hullabaloo.

You’re soggy, you’re smelly/you taste like shampoo,

you bog down my belly/with oodles of goo,

yet I would glue noodles/and prunes to my shoe,

for one oozy spoonful/of jellyfish stew.

By – Jack Prelutsky


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