Where’s the love?

I am participating in the Where’s the Love Blog Hop


  • The hop goes live February 14th & 15th


  • Free feedback on your scene from readers, plus the fun of being enraptured by all of those love-ly scenes. Meeting writer friends is a bonus!
  • There will also be a random drawing for a chocolatey and delicious prize.

This is an excerpt from my novel The Bluebird House — A Brothel. A Diary. A Murder. And in this Valentine’s Day piece, A Rescue!


Ben removes his parka and folds it around my feet and legs before he unbuttons his thick shirt, lifts me onto his lap and holds me against his chest, wrapping his shirt over me and covering my face. He bows his head and I feel his hot breath on my face and the furnace warmth from his huge chest.

“Molly, Molly,” he says, rocking me like a baby. “Started out as soon as I heard Chug barking. Ran as fast as I could. You’ll be all right. As soon as you’re warm enough, I’ll take you home to my cabin.”

He picks me up and carries me out of the tree well I had skied into, and wraps me again, this time in each side of his open parka. I rest against the warmth. As he steps forward on each snowshoe, I move with his body—a rhythmic, swimming motion. My legs dangle, lifeless and numb, off to the side like loose ropes. At one point he walks so fast that the motion is jerky. I groan, and he slows down again. And then I remember—when Ben first arrived, he called me darling.

The creak of a door stirs me. The sudden warmth of a room flows over me and I feel myself being laid out onto a bed. My ski boots are being unlaced, my ski pants unzipped and pulled off. As if I’m a small helpless child, I feel Ben’s large hands fumble as he removes my jacket, my sweater, my pullover. Wearing only my wool socks and silk long underwear, I am rolled to one side and covered, head to toe, with blankets and quilts. My teeth are chattering. Ben lies down beside me. What is happening?  But I am too cold, too weak, to resist. Wrapped in his arms, as if in a cocoon, Ben holds my body against his, against the warm thin wool of his long underwear.

He caresses my hair as he speaks. “I’m so glad I found you. You’re safe now. You’ll be all right.”

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Happy Valentine’s Day to all you beautiful bloghoppers.

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Rae Ellen grew up on a stump ranch in Northern Idaho. She is a former landscape architect and the author of 5 books, including fiction, memoir and humor. She now lives in Escalante, UT. To celebrate a landmark birthday, she is painting her life and blogging about it at www.70Paintings70Years.blogspot.com

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